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Sue Morse

Hurst attorney, Hurst lawyer, hurst accountant


Sue comes to the firm offering skills as a Certified Legal Assistant, CV-Level Executive Assistant and Certified Tax Analyst culminating in over 30 years of experience.  Her expertise has always been focused on tax and corporate law, but her passion truly lies in tax preparation and obtaining the best possible outcome for clients.  Sue utilizes her Small Business Certification expertise for our many small business, corporate and partnership entities.

Sue is originally from Louisiana and has a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech.  Upon graduation she had had enough of “small town living” and moved to Dallas.  She went to work for a solo practice tax attorney and that is where she fell in love with tax law and the preparation of tax returns.  Sue later enrolled in the “infant” paralegal program at El Centro College.  Because the program was so new, she had to travel to Washington, DC to sit for the certification exam upon completion of the program.

In her spare time Sue is an avid needle pointer and quilter.  She also likes to travel, cook and bake.  She has two grown daughters and a set of triplet grandchildren who bring a wealth of joy into her life.

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