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Teddy Groce

Hurst attorney, Hurst lawyer, hurst accountant

Teddy Groce

Teddy Groce is an aspiring accountant and tax attorney. He currently works as an intern at the Groce Law Firm, assisting with tax and legal matters.

Teddy attends Grapevine High School where he plays football, excels in advanced placement classes, is a member of Grapevine Ambassadors, DECA, AABC and Chess clubs and thrives in his academic pursuits.

Beyond work and school, Teddy serves at First Colleyville Baptist Church as a youth leader, on tech team, and a leader of Hive groups on Wednesday.  He has been on missions to Montreal and expresses the joy of his faith in a real and approachable way as he loves God and loves others.

For fun, Teddy loves playing football and being a student of the game.  His encyclopedic knowledge of football stats, history, and trivia continues to grow. He manages multiple fantasy football leagues. And of course, he knows his way around an Xbox controller as well.

His favorite hobby and pastime is traveling and spending quality time with his family.

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